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Photography through the eyes of your heart

As a photographer a recent post on Google+ by David duChemin really resonated with me.  He has captured in his short but passionate manifesto video the real aspects and the art of photography. (I have included a link to the video at the end of this post)

Photographs are made not taken. To some that phrase could mean there is too much post production work.  To me it is simply a tool to enhance what you saw through the eyes of your heart.
What I like about the video is the way it captures the true essence of photography, the passion for capturing a real moment beyond the usual background noise of camera type, competition, technical details etc.  Photography at that level is like HiFi buffs listening to the equipment rather than the music.

I am lucky in that photography is part of my livelihood. However, there was a time when photographic magazines would call me up (or photography students) and ask all sorts of technical questions about photographs they had seen on my website.   How did you set up the shot, what F stop, lighting do you did you use?
I felt saying like saying that I took it through the eyes of my heart, but that would sound rather fluffy and so I hunted for the technical details in the digital file.
We do need a basic knowledge of how the camera works, but much of what we learn in photography is by taking lots of photos and experimenting.  Using the music analogy again, we learn to improvise by stepping away from the notes on the page.

We still hear the phrase ‘he/she has a good eye for photography’ and this to me is still a true measure.  We can get lost in the technical aspects of photography and start to worry that we are doing something wrong and in turn lose some of our sense of wonder.

David also mentions having this sense of wonder and we can learn a lot from the first photos we took when we were younger or when you see photographs taken by children.  That sense of wonder becomes more apparent when you kneel down and look at the world as a child sees it.
A good photograph can stop someone is their tracks, without words it speaks to an inner desire.  It could be an inspirational landscape, a dish from a local restaurant or a hotel room.  Whatever the image it is an opportunity to share and connect to others, it is a gift.

Link to Video – David duChemin Craft and Vision Manifesto 



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St Michaels Mount Cornwall – A fairy Tale Castle


In the Land of Giants, Myth and Legend

In our modern world of technology and being permanently connected we can lose touch of that childlike sense of wonder.

I am lucky that my morning walk takes me past St Michaels Mount in the far west of Cornwall.  My mind might be on client reports or digital marketing, but then as I round the corner of the coastal path, the majestic St Michaels Mount appears.  At that point everything seems possible, as that sense of wonder descends upon me.  This photo was taken on a mid Winters morning and the castle looked particularly magical.

NB: If you are wondering where the giant is, his crouching just around the other side.

Best wishes




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The Celtic Music of Sue Aston


This Christmas introduce someone you love to the Celtic music of Sue Aston

  • Special Festive price £26 for 3CDs + DVD
  • Or £29.95 to include a personal Christmas Card from Sue

Sue Aston Festive Offers

Or send a cheque (payable to ‘Genius Loci’  15 Primrose Close, Goldsithney, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 9JL

“Sue Aston is an extraordinary violin player and composer who takes us on a journey through one of Britain’s most beautiful locations, from the fun filled Cornish celebrations of a midsummer Saturday afternoon in Penzance with Mazey Dazey, to the dramatic Storm Cat, with Mowzer the cat, with Maria Heseltine providing the vocal, attempting to bring forth calm as the veritable tempest brews.” 

”Sue Aston’s music has featured on many television programmes and radio stations, but to me, the one thing which counts above all else is her intimate connection with Cornwall and the Cornish’’. Michael John Chappell

Visit Sue Aston’s Official Website

Sue Aston page on Genius Loci

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Photography for The Llawnroc Hotel in Cornwall

Hotel Photography

Our latest photography project has been for ‘The Llawnroc Hotel.  The Llawnroc is a luxury boutique hotel in Gorran Haven Nr Mevagissey in Cornwall.  Our brief was to photograph 4 starters, mains and desserts for the restaurant. We also photographed many of the bedrooms and public areas of the hotel.

We have many photos of the local area and will be incorporating the new photographs into the hotel website and for use on social media.

If you would like to know how we can help your hotel or restaurant please get in touch.

Best wishes


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