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Auto Play Video Arrives on Twitter


Twitter have been working on this for a while now

This will work very much like Facebook. When users scroll through their Twitter feeds and see a video, it will begin to automatically play with the sound muted. Clicking on the video will start it to play it in full with the full-screen viewer with sound.

To use this facility you will need to upload your video content directly to Twitter. It will also work with GIFs and six-second Vines.
We always advise our clients to upload to to Facebook and YouTube separately as videos from Youtube will not auto play this will the same for Twitter.

Useful Links

Twitter Finally Rolls Out Auto-Play Video (Wall Street Journal)


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Social Media – Do You Have a Strategy?

social media management

In a recent survey with business owners they were asked about what elements of marketing they felt had a clear and sufficient understanding.  Top of the list was ‘Social Media’ at 75%.  I wonder what the answer would have been if the same people were asked if they had a strategy for Social Media?

Recently I was at a networking meeting with over a hundred people, and they were asked who used Pinterest. It would be safe to say 99% of the people in the room put their hands up. Many said they were active every day on it.

The discussion then went on to follower numbers and how to increase it etc.  Then someone asked who had gained any work through Pinterest? This time no one put their hand up.
The next question was, who had a strategy?  Apart from ‘I post everyday’ there was little evidence of people having a strategy.

Posting on Social Media without a strategy is like whispering in the wind.  A strategy gives you a voice.

People follow for a reason, a strategy will give them one and ensure the time you spend on Social Media is constructive and meaningful.
I have used Pinterest in the example here, but it could be any social media platform.

If you are unsure whether you have a Social Media strategy (it can happen!) then ask yourself the following before you click send:

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Are my current or future customers here?
  3. Does my post help others?

There are other questions you could choose but, if you answer ‘don’t know’ to any of the above, you need a strategy.

If you need help developing a social media strategy then please get in touch.

Phil Aston

01736 719342

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South West Tourism – June Hangout On Air

New Virtual Networking for South West Community Members on Google Plus


Date Tuesday June 9th at 1.30pm UK time

Hosted by +Phil Aston &  +Sue Aston this is a chance to meet up and share ideas, tell people about your business or your latest offers and all without leaving your office!

Hangouts are a great way to promote your Tourism business and interact with your customers and guests.  We will also be giving digital marketing tips and how to get the most out of Google Plus, social media and the community.

How to watch:
You can watch live from this page or on YouTube
To connect via Google Plus here is a link to the South West Tourism HOA event page
We are looking for 5 guests to be on the panel.  Full instructions will be given before the event.
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