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Latest Facebook Updates must be making Google very nervous.

Social Media is SEO

A couple of years ago Google experimented with making its own attempt as a social media platform ‘Google Plus’ the centre of its universe. Some people even said Google Plus was google and that once logged in you did not need to leave. The platform offered everything from setting up scheduled video events to the added benefits of SEO for local search.
With the formation of Alphabet Google has dismantled much of this and put it under different headings.

Last week Facebook made an announcement which bring much of what Google promised under one roof with the added advantages of real time recommendations and sharing capabilities’.

The real game changer for local businesses is as follows:-

New Call To Action Buttons

  • Order food: You can now order food from restaurants directly from Facebook Pages. Simply click “Start Order” on any restaurant’s Facebook Page that uses or Slice.
  • Request an appointment: For local businesses that require you to book an appointment, such as spas and salons, you can now request a time via the business’ Facebook Page and view their entire range of services and offerings. They’ll then get back to you on Messenger to confirm your appointment.
  • Get a quote: Some local business Pages will now have a “Get Quote” button at the top that lets you easily and quickly request a quote from the business.
  • Get tickets to movies and events: For many new movies, you can buy movie tickets straight from their Facebook Pages via Fandango. In partnership with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, Facebook are also making it possible for people to get tickets to other events — free or paid — directly from the event page.

There is no doubt that these new initiatives will affect Google AdWords revenue and Google search as people will have the option to search for a restaurant, read reviews, book a table and order their food without using Google.

If you want help with your Social Media Strategy or want advice with Facebook Advertising please get in touch.

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