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Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

I had an interesting meeting with a new client yesterday and we were talking about the importance of Social Media and do they do it!

The answer was they had a young apprentice who did this for them but they had since left and now stopped all activity.

This is very common, people think social should be carried out by the youngest person in the office, because they will understand it.  The facts are that Social Media is Marketing and should be taken just as seriously

I have been involved in marketing for over 30 years so technically I am not a young person! But all the marketing I do is through Social Media.

The rules of marketing are exactly the same It is just the tools we use have changed, they are faster and more efficient and actually more exciting.  So not to have a social media strategy and to think we need a young person in to do that is flawed thinking.  Just the same as saying I don’t know anyone on Twitter so I cannot see a reason to use it.  However, millions of people are. Twitter is great for late availability if you are in Tourism.  Just as with Facebook advertising you can easily target people who are interested in what you are actually doing

My core skill when I started Genius Loci Media was SEO.  I still do SEO, but it has changed and social media is now part of that mix.  It is important to realise that social media is now part of your marketing mix.

If you want help with social media please get in touch.

Phil Aston

by Phil Aston Phil Aston No Comments

How Many Hashtags Should You use in Twitter?

Twitter Hashtag Tip 1

You should use hashtags in Twitter (This is where they gained their influence). but do not use too many.
Use one or two at the most. If you use more than two your reach could go down between 17-20%.

Twitter is not Instagram where you can use more. I am seeing people on Twitter use four or more hashtags, this will mean your tweet is seen even less by your followers not more.

Twitter Hashtag Tip 2

Another tip is use hashtags for text you have not used in your tweet. So for example if you are telling people about your ‘hotel breaks in Cornwall’ there is no need to use #cornwall as a hashtag because Twitter will pick that up. Use #weekendplans or #holiday which will extend your reach.

Thanks, Phil

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