Genius Loci Media

Providing SEO and Digital Marketing Advice Since 2004

Genius Loci Media

Providing SEO and Digital Marketing Advice Since 2004

by Phil Aston
Phil Aston and Sue Aston

Our Measure of Success

Our measure of Digital Marketing success is simple…
Has your website traffic increased, is it the right traffic and is the phone ringing?  ‘Phil Aston –  Genius Loci’

Phil Aston Marketing Consultant
Phil Aston

Phil Aston is our senior Internet marketing consultant and helps clients with SEOSocial Media Strategy, WordPress, Facebook Ads, Photography, video and live streaming.

“I started in SEO in the mid-1990s and have seen many changes. The ability to let go of what you know and start again has meant I have clients who trust what I do and have been with me for many years.

There is still a myth that SEO people optimise search engines. we don’t, we optimise your web presence, your digital world for your visitors and customers”.

Phil Aston spent 11 years as Operations Director at WPP before moving to Cornwall and starting Genius Loci Media in 2004.

Sue Aston

Sue Aston is a professional composer, violinist and music arranger, she also looks after the Finance side of the Genius Loci business.

Sue has appeared on classical, pop and rock recordings, radio broadcasts and television, both nationally and internationally. Her music is a blend of Classical and Celtic influences and is currently available for use on the BBC Desktop Jukebox.

Sue runs Classical Strings which is well known as Cornwall’s premier String Quartet for weddings and events in Cornwall.


We were the first agency in the UK to deliver a professional live music broadcast in HD via Google Plus in 2014.  Genius Loci are a case study for BT Superfast Broadband Cornwall due to our achievements as a global leader for communications via Google Hangouts on Air.

Why Choose Genius Loci

We look at the world through the eyes of a guest or customer whilst understanding the challenges of running a business.

We also love technology and pride ourself on recognising new opportunities and trends in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

With Genius Loci you can have a complete digital marketing package, ranging from SEO internet marketing, targeted social media, photography, copywriting, website management and even help with online broadcasting.

We specialise in making your business look good, so you have time to concentrate on running it.

Join us and see what we can do for you….you’ll be in good company.

Phil Aston Consulting

I have been involved in marketing for over 30 years so technically I am not a young person! But all the personal brand marketing I do is through Social Media.

The rules of marketing are exactly the same It is just the tools we use have changed, they are faster and more efficient and actually more exciting.

So not to have a social media strategy and to think we need a young person in to do that is flawed thinking. Just the same as saying I don’t know anyone on Twitter so I cannot see a reason to use it. However, millions of people are.

Twitter is great for late availability if you are in Tourism. Just as with Facebook advertising you can easily target people who are interested in what you are actually doing

My core skill when I started Genius Loci Media was SEO. I still do SEO, but it has changed and social media is now part of that mix. It is important to realise that social media is now part of your marketing mix.


Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.

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