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Top 5 Social Media Networks 2013

The top 5

  • Facebook 52%
  • Google+ 25%
  • Twitter 22%
  • Qzone (China) 13% (source globalwebindex)

This graphic is from issue 215 of Web Designer Magazine.  The biggest surprise is how popular Google + is becoming.  It was perceived as being too small to worry about, however, it now has 500 million users.

We have found that Google+ is the Social Media platform that most of our clients want to develop.  There is no doubt that Facebook remains the most important ‘Business to Consumer’  platform but for B2B we are seeing increased interest in Google + and LinkedIn.

Google + Why we like it

  • More flexibility than Facebook – you do not have to be everyone’s friend.  You can follow (like Twitter) and put people into circles, based on clients, family or interests.
  • The people you connect to – there is more chance it is really them (We really like this).  There are various hoops to go through to get your business page on Google + and to have yourself recognised as the author and contributor to your website. Being recognised as the official author of your blog and website gives you the ability to have your profile pic display in Google searches.  This gives a level of trust and authenticity that I believe will really help build relationships online.
  • Not just a business page – The other thing we like is that you can create online communities based on your interests and expertise.  Beyond this are the hangouts where you can share live video blogs which also upload to your YouTube channel.
Our Experience

It is true that when you start on Google + that there is a sense that no one saw your post as there can be little or interaction.  We have found the best approach is to join other communities and join in with the conversation.  The interaction within some communities seems a lot more genuine and useful.  For example, we can post a photo on our Facebook Business page and get 8- 15 likes.  The equivalent on Google  + can see 60+ likes with comments and shares.

You create your own news feed based on your interests and who you connect with and although there are some cute cats out there, primarily the overall feel is of a B2B platform.    We have seen our Google+ posts affect our google performance even if the post itself seemed to have little initial impact. Google + will also add it’s own hash tag to each post you do.

There is also a high level of technical expertise on Google+ so if you are looking for help it is our chosen platform above and beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Phil Aston

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Cape Cornwall Sunset

Cape Cornwall Sunset.

This location is another fave, close to St Just and easy to park (even if the approach road is quite narrow).  There are so many vantage points here for a good photograph.  This one was taken as the tide was going out in mid October.  The sun was quite hazey but quite happy with the level of detail in the shot.


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Seals at Godrevy Cornwall

Godrevy is famous for its wonderful surf, beach, sunsets and lighthouse.  However, just around the headland (and it you have a head for heights) it is also where you can normally see lots of seals enjoying themselves on and off their own beach.

This photo was taken with a 70-200mm lens at full zoom.



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Carn Galva – Cornwall Landscapes

Carn Galva is the rocky outcrop you can see from many parts of the West Cornwall moors.  It sits on the horizon from Lanyon Quoit, seems so near but far from Men-an-Tol and from Carn Galva Mine (on the B3306 St Just to Zennor Rd) looks like a mini mountain range.

It is worth a climb as you can see both coastlines from the top, with St Michaels Mouth on the one side and Pendeen Light House of the other.  It is a special place, almost totally silent but for the wind.  As a photographer many of my projects take me to the beaches and well known locations but this one is one of my favorites.

I was introduced to this special place by the author Ian McNeil Cooke. Particularly by his books ‘Journey To The Stones (check out the photo on page 111) and ‘Mother and Sun’

Thank you


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Newlyn Old Harbour Cornwall

Another location I really enjoy taking photographs of is Newlyn in West Cornwall.   Boats make good subjects, but a working fishing port offers a deeper sense of authenticity.  The boats here are not all shiny, they are working vessels manned by very brave individuals who risk their lives to get us the fish to go with the chips we enjoy so much.  (If you have not eaten fish and chips overlooking Mousehole harbour you really need to!)

Many of the boats in Newlyn bear the battle scars of being out at sea.  There are always some boats where nature and the elements seem to be saying ‘time for a rest’.

This photo was taken in October at about 5pm, using a Canon 7D, 15 – 85 lens and polariser filter.  I have used a sprinkling of HDR to get the finished affect.  HDR can be overused but old buildings, boats and water make it worth a go.

If you want to stay in this part of Cornwall we recommend Cornish Retreats who have several self catering properties in this area.

Thanks Phil

To view more photographs of Cornwall – click here

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Property photography – selling dreams and managing expectations

When you decide to update your property photography what are your goals?

  • To sell
  • To increase your rentals

The first thing you need to do is imagine looking at your property through the eyes of a guest or buyer.  What are their expectations, what device will they be accessing your photos on?

More than likely they will be looking at your photos on a mobile / tablet device (held in a portrait position) or on a desktop in their lunch hour!

Websites and magazines – different audiences and behaviour

The other thing to be aware of is that viewing photos online is very different from browsing through a magazine, both in the time given and what people want.  This is where a lot of self catering agencies, hotels and estate agents get it wrong.  In a magazine we may tolerate the arty shot of the bedside table with the blurred out wine glass or even the photo at an angle*   (*Angled photos do not work online, especially on mobile and table devices)

From our knowledge in SEO and inbound marketing we know you have seconds to grab someones attention.  Also yours are not the only photos they are looking at, so they have to stand out.  Many potential buyers and guests are cynical, that room photo showing only half the bed could imply that is is a very small room.  Chances are they are right.  Managing expectations means your guests and buyers need to know what they are getting and feel satisfied when the time comes to consider those review websites.

The featured shot in this post is from a traditional Cornish Cottage in West Cornwall.  Since upgrading the photography for this property, the owner has seen bookings increase across the board.

Our top tips for getting your property photography right first time are:

  • Use a professional photographer – it might appear expensive but those amateur photos will cost you a lot more in the long run
  • Use a wide angle lens, show your buyer / guest what they are getting for their money (they do not want detail or art, they want the big picture)
  • Shoot several photos for the same room from different vantage points
  • Use natural light – merge two photos together if you want to showcase the view and the interior
  • Don’t use a mobile phone, it may have 8million pixels but it is still a phone
  • Shoot in RAW, it gives you the most flexibility if you want to use your photos in print as well as on your website
  • Remember the marketing aspect – look at each room through the eyes of your buyer or guest, what are your unique selling features?

Thanks, Phil

To find our more about our property photography services in Cornwall please click here

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Google remove keyword data from analytics

As the SEO industry tries to keep up with Google’s constant changes to its algorithms and methodology, along comes a change which has some thinking it’s game over.

In the last few months keyword data has been disappearing from analytics data, especially from anyone signed into Google. This has appeared as ‘not provided’ in the keyword report page. As from last week Google has now made all searches secure, so that all keywords come under this ‘not provided’ heading.
However, if you use PPC then this data still appears, leading some to think that Google wants more people to advertise. Googles’ answer to this is that it wants to tighten up privacy for its users.

What this means and why I think it is not a bad thing.

The SEO model previous to this change entailed:

  • Carrying out keyword research
  • Choosing phrases based on volume and target market
  • Adding keywords to appropriate web page
  • Checking ranking for keywords
  • Checking analytics to see how many people used that phrase to access the target page

So if the page ranked well on Google for its chosen keyword and people had clicked on the page after using the same phrases we could say it was a success. But was it?

The benchmark now is business success. Ok, your page ranked well and people clicked on it, but did they follow your call to action, book a room, call you, subscribe, download or join your mailing list?
The role of SEO goes a lot further now than ranking against keywords.

We are all being told that content is king and that engaging content that answers your users’ problems or questions will bring business success. This latest change in Google underlines this very well.
SEO is now an integrated platform including social media interaction, content management, competitor analysis and, of course, keywords,

The New SEO model based on this change

  • Carry out themed keyword research (include social media mentions i.e. hashtags)
  • Choose phrases based on volume and target market
  • Carry out competitor analysis
  • Ensure themed keyword vocabulary is used naturally in your content
  • Check ranking for keywords
  • Monitor interactions on webpage and social media
  • Check analytics for traffic volume increases on your target page
  • Check business success measures, sales, subscriptions, downloads etc

For some in the SEO industry the role stopped at getting the client on the 1st page. The role now is being part of your clients’ online business success.
Phil Aston




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Lanyon Quoit Takes The Biscuit

We photograph Lanyon Quoit a fair bit. It is very accessible and depending on how you position yourself, there are some great landscape features to pick out. Read more

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Google Keywords get harder to find

Have reading the news story on Search Engine Watch about Google moving its keyword data to secure search I realise that change in the world of SEO is now almost a daily event. Read more

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St Michaels Mount and the Wild Geese

I took this photo during our evening walk on the coastal path nr Perranuthnoe. It was quite dark already but I thought the geese would make a good foreground for the shot.  Read more

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