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Video Editing for Travel & Tourism

Just finished a fast turnaround video editing project for a Travel agency promoting tours around the Mekong Delta.

The videos answered a series of FAQs with the client talking to camera.

The project featured creating five 60 second videos using client supplied footage in portrait mode and producing the finished video in 1080HD widescreen format with photos and captions.

The finished videos were encoded for Facebook 1080HD and YouTube 1080HD with captions and enhanced sound.

We also uploaded all the videos optimising them using the best SEO practices for the clients market.

Another video featuring all five videos edited together was also created for the website.

Phil Aston

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SEO / Facebook Advertising Case Study

Client’s monthly revenues increased to £65,000 pm (up from £17,000).

Video Transcription Below

I just wanted to give an update on what we’ve been up to, and some of the successes we’ve been having. And the main one, which you can see at the top of this page is with Facebook advertising, remarketing and SEO.

We took on a tourism based client just over a year ago, and we were primarily just helping out with some social media marketing and also a few Facebook ads. But we also were offering analytics, and we always do our reports using video so we can show and share different data sources, different statistics and explain what the numbers mean.

With this particular client, although we were getting more traffic in from social media, the organic traffic was in decline and this was happening month after month. We were doing lots of research to look at whether there was something going on in the market, what their competitors were doing etc. But whichever way we looked at it, there was obviously something wrong with the SEO, which at one time must have been fine, because they had been ranking very well for some key phrases in their market.

So, we decided to spend a couple of months really reworking the SEO from the ground up, going through all the pages, looking at all the meta information, all the content and we went through every single page of the website. It took just over two months and within a few weeks after that we started to see an upturn in the organic traffic. It wasn’t that dramatic to start with, but it just started to build.

We then decided, after we’d created some different landing pages on the website from the SEO to actually look at Facebook Ad Remarketing.  Using a new Facebook pixel and we started to track people who were visiting the website, what search phrases, or what content on that web page they were looking at, we then started to create niche audiences and lookalike audiences from that again. We then set up some video ads and then from the video ads, we looked at the people who had maybe watched part of the video but hadn’t clicked through to the actual website itself.  Then we re-marketed to these people with more ads that were targeted in the clients niche audience.

Six to eight months ago the client had a monthly revenue of around £17,000 a month, we have helped taken it to over £65,000 a month which is pretty dramatic. A lot of work went into this, and we’re still experimenting, But it’s been a great success, the client is very happy.

This is something we really enjoy doing.  We have never just given loads of pie charts in a giant PDF to a client expecting them to be impressed. Our reports are always via video so I can talk things through to the client and actually give suggestions and advice on how to move their business forward.

I just wanted to share this, because it’s been a great success. The client’s very happy, and we’re investing more money now into the advertising itself.

If you want me to look at your business and see how I can help you then please get in touch.

Phil Aston

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New Website Design for Lindfordhouse Self Catering Agency

website design cornwall UK

Another new website project launched this month

This was a large project for Self Catering Agency Lindford House.

The brief for this site was that the client wanted to be able to update the website themselves if required, add online availability and be mobile friendly.  The client also wanted to enter the world of social media so we also set up Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Accounts.

We were also asked to set up a full marketing and SEO package to help the company expand and grow.  They have already seen their portfolio grow in the short time the new website has been live.


The website services we provided were:

  • Website Design and build in WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Video Editing
  • Setting up Social Media accounts
  • Photography and Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Calendars and booking
  • Full SEO and Digital Marketing Package

Website Design Cornwall

Tel 01736 719342

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New Website Project Goes Live – Cornish Riding Holidays

website design cornwall Phil Aston Genius Loci

This is the first of two new website launches this week.

We were approached towards the end of last year to design and build a new website for Cornish Riding Holidays.  The brief was to provide a website that was responsive, mobile friendly and could be updated by the client.  The client also wanted the inclusion of social media and wanted bright colours to be appealing to the young audience they had in mind.  Provision was also made for the inclusion of video.  www.cornishridingholidays.co.uk

The website services we provided were:

  • Website Design and build
  • Hosting
  • Video Editing
  • Setting up Social Media
  • Photography and Editing
  • Graphic Design

Website Design Penzance Cornwall  – please get in touch Tel 01736 719342

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Cornish Pasties Online – McFaddens from West Cornwall

Client News

Meet McFaddens a traditional butcher and makers of Cornish Pasties for over 125 years.

Our brief is to design and build a responsive CMS based website so they can sell their (very yummy) pasties around the world.

Also included in our brief is to provide a digital marketing, social media strategy and photography 🙂

Thanks, Phil

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