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Video Editing for Travel & Tourism

Just finished a fast turnaround video editing project for a Travel agency promoting tours around the Mekong Delta.

The videos answered a series of FAQs with the client talking to camera.

The project featured creating five 60 second videos using client supplied footage in portrait mode and producing the finished video in 1080HD widescreen format with photos and captions.

The finished videos were encoded for Facebook 1080HD and YouTube 1080HD with captions and enhanced sound.

We also uploaded all the videos optimising them using the best SEO practices for the clients market.

Another video featuring all five videos edited together was also created for the website.

Phil Aston

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Why Are We Called ‘Genius Loci’ and What Does It Mean?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is why are we called ‘Genius Loci’ and what does it mean?
You do sometimes see the phrase used and it tends to be people connected to the environment or even architects. There is a reason for this. Genius Loci means ‘The Spirit of Place’ in Latin.
How we came up with this name is down to my wife and business partner Sue Aston. Sue is a well-known composer and 1999 recorded her first album ‘Sacred Landscapes’ inspired by the landscape of Cornwall and our love of the environment and nature.
The phrase ‘Spirit of Place’ described how this landscape spoke to us and Genius Loci was born.

We registered the name ‘Genius Loci’ then and started as a music label. We were one of the first independents to trade online. As well as selling music online our reputation quickly grew for SEO and online marketing as we were everywhere. The business moved to Cornwall and established itself very quickly as a leading consultancy for online marketing.

The fact we are a Digital Marketing Agency, the essence of the landscape, nature and being an ethical business is at the heart of what we do. Outside of our business both of us practice mindfulness, yoga and do our best to help the planet, reducing our use of plastic, palm oil and eating organically whenever we can.

This is the same in how we work with our clients. We have a very strong ethical bond with the people we work with. We want to help people be successful but not at the expense of anything or anyone else.
So Genius Loci – The Spirit of Place is what we are about. It is the bedrock on what we, the business, is built on.
We promote people and their businesses ensuring we help grow their business in a sustainable and ethical way.

If you want to know more about us and how we can help you then please get in touch and I would be delighted to talk to you.

Phil Aston
Genius Loci Media
Digital Marketing Support

01736 719342

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December Work Availability

Quick update on our work availability.

In January 2018 we have one slot available for Facebook Advertising Support,  if you need any help in that area please get in touch.

Phil Aston | +44(0)1736 719342

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New Website Design Projects

website design cornwall - wordpress

2016 has been very busy for us already with 9 new website projects won just before Christmas and another 3 in the pipeline.

Projects nearing completion are for a Self Catering Agency, a Horse Riding Holiday company and a local community project.

All projects are being built in WordPress with training videos for each client to enable them to update themselves.

Phil Aston | 01736 719342

Website Design Cornwall


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Superfast broadband helps Penzance Business reach global audience

Superfast broadband has helped innovative business Genius Loci launch services that are attracting customers from around the globe.
Phil and Sue Aston set up their media and arts business, Genius Loci, in 2004. The business is based at their home in Goldsithney, near Penzance Cornwall.

Sue Aston composes violin music which is a blend of Classical and Celtic music, and has a large following overseas, generated by her YouTube channel and social media.
She has now developed another innovative way of getting music across to people. She has created a subscription based website, featuring video diaries and mini concerts, as well as selling music downloads online. Sue says: “So far as I am aware, this has not been done before – and it is the kind of innovation which is only possible because of superfast broadband. With superfast broadband, the sky is the limit.”
Sue says: “I was the first musician to stream a live concert from the UK on Google+, and one of only a few in the world. It can be tricky to get the sound perfect but thanks to my husband Phil’s technical wizardry we have achieved this, to the envy of the people who’ve tried it in the USA! I now have a regular world wide audience and have The Sue Aston show streaming live every couple of weeks.”
Sue adds: “With superfast broadband, I can now run teaching classes over Skype with students from around the globe. I have students in America, Japan, Italy and even a lady who lives on a boat in the Mediterranean. It is just as effective as a face to face teaching session and it has opened up the whole world as a potential market.”
Sue’s husband, Phil, provides website development services to clients, many of whom are based elsewhere in the UK. He says: “Now I use Hangouts for meetings with clients, saving travel time and increasing productivity. I have a colleague in San Francisco, who works with me on website coding and we can now work together as effectively and productively as if we were the same office. ”
Phil says: “Superfast broadband has been absolutely fantastic for our business and it has transformed what we can achieve.”
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