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Google Plus and Local Search SEO

Here is a clear example of the effect of using Google Plus to enhance your performance in Google Local Search which we worked on for The St Moritz Hotel in Cornwall.

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Facebook Vs Google Plus for Photography


A comparison test on posting photographs on Facebook Vs Google Plus for engagement.

Here are the findings



Google Plus


Photography can act as a virtual business card and tell people about your brand and your interests.  Although we like to think we engage all our senses when it comes to making a purchase, it is our eyes that lead the way.

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Most Popular Social Media Platforms in the UK & USA January 2015



Key Points

Google Plus

The interesting stat here is Google Plus.  As some of you know, we are great fans of this platform, not just for the search benefits, but also for the global networking aspects to it.  (Without Google Plus we would not have entered into online broadcasting as we did via Hangouts On Air).  There is an impression that everyone in the USA is on Google Plus and that they are ahead of the UK, these stats suggest otherwise.  The UK is actually not that far behind, and Google Plus is only 7% behind Twitter. 


I would expect to see skype usage falling as more people try out Google Hangouts.


This is very popular in the USA and is being used increasingly more creatively by more non visual companies. The UK still has a way to go here, but I am getting more requests to look after Pinterest for clients, and so this will rise.

Genius InsightsConcentrate on the top 3 Social Media platforms where ‘your’ customers are, you do not have to be on them all.

Source : We Are Social

There are many places to go for Social Media Stats but I like ‘We Are Social’ because you can access data from almost every territory connected to the internet.

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Net Magazine drops SEO and Social Media pages

NET magazine Issue 248

Net has had a re-launch and on the one hand it is a great improvement. From a look and feel perspective the paper stock is luxurious.

If you are a developer or purely into design then I am sure it gets the thumbs up all round. However, if like me you lean towards the SEO, Social Media, Analytics side of the spectrum then you are going to be possibly disappointed.  All of the pages devoted to Search etc have gone.

According to a reader survey these pages were the least popular, so I understand I am in the minority of NET readers. However, I found them to be very useful and well written.


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Top 5 Social Media Networks 2013

The top 5

  • Facebook 52%
  • Google+ 25%
  • Twitter 22%
  • Qzone (China) 13% (source globalwebindex)

This graphic is from issue 215 of Web Designer Magazine.  The biggest surprise is how popular Google + is becoming.  It was perceived as being too small to worry about, however, it now has 500 million users.

We have found that Google+ is the Social Media platform that most of our clients want to develop.  There is no doubt that Facebook remains the most important ‘Business to Consumer’  platform but for B2B we are seeing increased interest in Google + and LinkedIn.

Google + Why we like it

  • More flexibility than Facebook – you do not have to be everyone’s friend.  You can follow (like Twitter) and put people into circles, based on clients, family or interests.
  • The people you connect to – there is more chance it is really them (We really like this).  There are various hoops to go through to get your business page on Google + and to have yourself recognised as the author and contributor to your website. Being recognised as the official author of your blog and website gives you the ability to have your profile pic display in Google searches.  This gives a level of trust and authenticity that I believe will really help build relationships online.
  • Not just a business page – The other thing we like is that you can create online communities based on your interests and expertise.  Beyond this are the hangouts where you can share live video blogs which also upload to your YouTube channel.
Our Experience

It is true that when you start on Google + that there is a sense that no one saw your post as there can be little or interaction.  We have found the best approach is to join other communities and join in with the conversation.  The interaction within some communities seems a lot more genuine and useful.  For example, we can post a photo on our Facebook Business page and get 8- 15 likes.  The equivalent on Google  + can see 60+ likes with comments and shares.

You create your own news feed based on your interests and who you connect with and although there are some cute cats out there, primarily the overall feel is of a B2B platform.    We have seen our Google+ posts affect our google performance even if the post itself seemed to have little initial impact. Google + will also add it’s own hash tag to each post you do.

There is also a high level of technical expertise on Google+ so if you are looking for help it is our chosen platform above and beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Phil Aston

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