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Social Media – Do You Have a Strategy?

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In a recent survey with business owners they were asked about what elements of marketing they felt had a clear and sufficient understanding.  Top of the list was ‘Social Media’ at 75%.  I wonder what the answer would have been if the same people were asked if they had a strategy for Social Media?

Recently I was at a networking meeting with over a hundred people, and they were asked who used Pinterest. It would be safe to say 99% of the people in the room put their hands up. Many said they were active every day on it.

The discussion then went on to follower numbers and how to increase it etc.  Then someone asked who had gained any work through Pinterest? This time no one put their hand up.
The next question was, who had a strategy?  Apart from ‘I post everyday’ there was little evidence of people having a strategy.

Posting on Social Media without a strategy is like whispering in the wind.  A strategy gives you a voice.

People follow for a reason, a strategy will give them one and ensure the time you spend on Social Media is constructive and meaningful.
I have used Pinterest in the example here, but it could be any social media platform.

If you are unsure whether you have a Social Media strategy (it can happen!) then ask yourself the following before you click send:

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Are my current or future customers here?
  3. Does my post help others?

There are other questions you could choose but, if you answer ‘don’t know’ to any of the above, you need a strategy.

If you need help developing a social media strategy then please get in touch.

Phil Aston

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Genius Insights – Instagram Tips


Instagram is becoming ever more popular and a less formal way for you to stay in touch with your customers and guests.

Here are three insights that will help you get even more from this platform.

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts

Instragram is all about visuals so when you come across a long photo caption that is one large paragraph of unbroken text it can really turn you off.  Here are some great tips from ‘Social Media Today’ which show you how to avoid this.  Read More

7 Ways to Build an Engaged Instagram Following

We all want to get more engagement from our Instagram followers and there are plenty of great tips out there to get you on your way.  Here are some great tips from Social Media Examiner  Read More

Instagram Launching New ‘Highlights’ Email

If is has been several days since you last logged into your Instagram account then trying to stay on top of the latest posts can be a real pain (especially if your follow a lot of people).

However, you can now subscribe to a brand-new email from Instagram that will help keep you up to date when you can’t check in on a daily basis. Read More

Phil Aston

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Social Media Tips from The Seaside – Cross Posting

Cornwall Tourism Community on Google Plus – News Update 4

Digital Marketing Tips – Why should you should not auto past between social media platforms.

It may seem an idea that will save time, but auto posting from one social media platform to another could work against you.

Posting from Facebook to Twitter on auto gives you no control over what the post looks like.  For example, If you post just a photo all you will see in Twitter is a random link.  This tells your Twitter followers you really don’t care about them and posting from Twitter to Facebook makes no sense at all!

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Google Plus Tips


I  wanted to share with you some tips to help you get the most out of Google Plus.  It has become apparent since launching our Cornwall Tourism Community that a lot of people don’t get Google Plus!

Genius Insights – Do This

  1. Use the formatting tools (see below) to give your post a Title and perhaps the italics for your subheading.
  2. Even if you want to use a link, choose a photo first.  This will make more impact and can also carry your branding (try 1400px for width)
  3. Give as much info as you need.
  4. Include a link relevant to your post – try and use some of the same words that are on the destination page.
  5. Choose 3 hashtags relevant to your post.

The above will ensure that your post is indexed and will show up in local search on Google

Genius Insights – Don’t Do This

  1. Post photos or images without any text.
  2. Post links without any text or new background info.
  3. Forward posts to your profile or other communities without any original text.

Google may view any of the above as spam or duplicate content. I have seen some accounts suspended for this practice

Social Media is complicated and it takes time, but if done correctly it can really help build your business and brand.  If you need professional help, then please get in touch.

Thanks, Phil
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Instagram – Time to take it Seriously

There is something very refreshing about Instagram, no obvious hard sell and a feeling of being able to share real time moments.

For brands and businesses it is also a great platform to show a different side of your online personality.  It is seen as more informal and ideal to show your interests and deepen your connections with your audience.
It feels a bit like dress down Friday when I worked in a more corporate world.  You can still be in business mode but you can also simply be yourself.  However, I think a lot of social media is about being your true self.  People buy from people they know and trust. ‘word of mouth’ in the digital age is all about building relationships in a more honest and true way.
I also like the idea that posts can only be added from your smartphone.  It is best not to try too hard, if you overthink what you are posting you are possibly not really being yourself.
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Beautiful Twitter Tips

The Most Beautiful Digital Marketing Tips In The World


I often think some marketing posts are a bit dry or lean too much towards infographics.  So here is the first in a new series.

Twitter Tip: Have a plan, don’t just make noise. At the start of each week decide what you want to achieve

Photo : St Ives Cornwall

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How Often Should You Post on Social Media & Which Platforms?

Before you get caught up in 5 posts to Pinterest etc


1. Do you have something to say?
2. Who does it help?
3. What platform are they on?

This will help focus your energy and be more motivating for you
and anyone you engage with.

Some people will say you should post up to 15 or 20 times a day (especially on Twitter).  You have to think of the people you are communicating with, do you want them to feel like they are drinking in your posts from a champagne glass or drinking water from a firehose!


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Google Plus and Local Search SEO

Here is a clear example of the effect of using Google Plus to enhance your performance in Google Local Search which we worked on for The St Moritz Hotel in Cornwall.

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Facebook Vs Google Plus for Photography


A comparison test on posting photographs on Facebook Vs Google Plus for engagement.

Here are the findings



Google Plus


Photography can act as a virtual business card and tell people about your brand and your interests.  Although we like to think we engage all our senses when it comes to making a purchase, it is our eyes that lead the way.

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Most Popular Social Media Platforms in the UK & USA January 2015



Key Points

Google Plus

The interesting stat here is Google Plus.  As some of you know, we are great fans of this platform, not just for the search benefits, but also for the global networking aspects to it.  (Without Google Plus we would not have entered into online broadcasting as we did via Hangouts On Air).  There is an impression that everyone in the USA is on Google Plus and that they are ahead of the UK, these stats suggest otherwise.  The UK is actually not that far behind, and Google Plus is only 7% behind Twitter. 


I would expect to see skype usage falling as more people try out Google Hangouts.


This is very popular in the USA and is being used increasingly more creatively by more non visual companies. The UK still has a way to go here, but I am getting more requests to look after Pinterest for clients, and so this will rise.

Genius InsightsConcentrate on the top 3 Social Media platforms where ‘your’ customers are, you do not have to be on them all.

Source : We Are Social

There are many places to go for Social Media Stats but I like ‘We Are Social’ because you can access data from almost every territory connected to the internet.

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