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Tourism Marketing – What Makes you Remarkable

What makes your business remarkable, what gives you the edge?

I look at many hotel websites, I look after them and help with their marketing. This means I am always looking at tourism related websites. So I look at them from a view of making a booking and for research.

One of the things that is really becoming apparent, is how many of them are starting to look the same. Fantastic pictures of food, artistic pictures of rooms, all done up as you would expect to look, with beautiful and stylish interiors.

However, the problem with this from the perspective of your potential guests, is that they will only be on your website for literally 30-40 seconds before they move on.
What makes you stand out from what your competitors do? What will make someone choose your hotel?
Is it going to be your offers? Your Facilities? Or is it going to be your location?

When people book somewhere, like a hotel, they are looking for an experience. What is it that makes you remarkable? For many people it will be your actual location – people buy with their eyes.

When you look at this video, you can see the sea in the background. So, some of you might be thinking “I might listen to Phil”, and some of you might be thinking “Where is that beach, I want to go!”

So, many times your location will be what makes you remarkable and different from your competition.

Phil Aston

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SEO / Social Media – Predictions for the rest of 2016

Genius INSIGHTS | Digital marketing news

Social Media is now a big part of SEO, just as Blogging is part of your content strategy.
Here are my thoughts for rest of the year.

The Social Media News Feed

This is now where everyone is hanging out (and on Mobile). If one of your guests has 500 friends who each have 500 friends, then you have access to 250,000 leads who will take more notice if a post is recommended by someone they know and trust.
The news feed is where people go to for latest news in their community, their interests and their friends.
Social Media shows you what you want before you think to ask (i.e. use Google Search).

Tone of Voice

Professional and corporate accounts are not going to dominate news feeds – you need to ensure you develop representative personalities for your brands.
Users trust the people providing information in their feeds, especially if they can interact and feel they know the face behind the logo.


Google Search will not be the platform to deliver quality viewers in the future. Quality viewers will come to your website via social media news feeds and online word of mouth as people scan theirs feeds and friends.
When people find you via Google you still have to prove you are the best choice. A popular social media post with good interaction and shares can tell people immediately that you are worth it.

Content is King (Not Anymore)

Information is no longer valuable and we have to accept that unless you are a scientist on the verge of a major discovery that what we say on our website is being said in a similar way by others in our field. So your focus has to be on context and how we position ourselves.

Be Authentic and Build Trust

Social Media posts should not just be about your offers or brand, you should also;

  • Talk about your passions – location – food – people etc.
  • Talk about other things that your fans might like
  • Promote other people / businesses in your area
  • Post tips and advice
  • Know who your posts are for
  • Start with the benefits – (endless scrolling does not work)
  • Let your fans share their photos and experiences

Facebook Ads

Now a key part of any marketing strategy. The targeting on Facebook is fantastic and Ads can be shown to separate audiences as you experiment with different posts. So if you want to target women living within 40km of Truro on their mobiles who like eating out, you can.
Facebook Ads work better than promoted posts.

Google Ads

If you want to be on the 1st page on Google on a mobile, then these are essential as the 1st page of results are now all Ads. People still tend to avoid ads on a desktop but on mobile they just want the fastest results.

Video Marketing

As I have mentioned many times, video is the best way to gain trust and get shares and interaction. What is also happening this year is that people are watching more video on their mobiles with the sound off. So adding sub-titles or text is now very important. Facebook make it easy to add a link.

Hashtags / Links in Facebook

All social media platforms have a search facility and Facebook search is certainly improving. I would recommend adding a maximum number of three hashtags and always a link back to a Blog post or the main website.
Should you use your own Hashtags? Unless it’s a household name or you are a TV program I would say not. Use Hashtags that people are actually searching for. The whole point of any hashtag is to get discovered.

If you need any help or advice for your business please get in touch.

Phil Aston

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Twitter Increases Video Length to 140 Seconds

Social Media Tips : Twitter Update

You can now upload up to 140 seconds of video direct to Twitter. This is up from the previous limit of 30 seconds.

It is very easy to edit your clip within Twitter if you want to make it shorter. You can do this via your desktop or the mobile App. Videos play automatically and this is a much better option than sharing from YouTube.

In other news you can now also Re-Tweet you own tweets. This is also a good move, especially if you have an offer running and you want to promote it again the following week.

If you need any help with your social media strategy then please get in touch

Phil Aston
Genius Loci Media

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New Website Design for Lindfordhouse Self Catering Agency

website design cornwall UK

Another new website project launched this month

This was a large project for Self Catering Agency Lindford House.

The brief for this site was that the client wanted to be able to update the website themselves if required, add online availability and be mobile friendly.  The client also wanted to enter the world of social media so we also set up Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Accounts.

We were also asked to set up a full marketing and SEO package to help the company expand and grow.  They have already seen their portfolio grow in the short time the new website has been live.


The website services we provided were:

  • Website Design and build in WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Video Editing
  • Setting up Social Media accounts
  • Photography and Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Calendars and booking
  • Full SEO and Digital Marketing Package

Website Design Cornwall

Tel 01736 719342

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New Website Design Projects

website design cornwall - wordpress

2016 has been very busy for us already with 9 new website projects won just before Christmas and another 3 in the pipeline.

Projects nearing completion are for a Self Catering Agency, a Horse Riding Holiday company and a local community project.

All projects are being built in WordPress with training videos for each client to enable them to update themselves.

Phil Aston | 01736 719342

Website Design Cornwall


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NEW Cornwall Tourism Community on Google Plus

As our reputation on Google Plus has grown we have decided to launch a community dedicated to promoting Cornwall Tourism

Benefits For Visitors

For the visitor to Cornwall the community will be a handy resource for finding interesting places to stay, eat, gifts and experience the best that Cornwall has to offer.

Benefits For Tourism Providers

For Cornwall Tourism providers you can list your latest offers and breaks. Restaurants and retail outlets can also list your offers. I have been promoting Tourism businesses in Cornwall since 2004 and been involved in SEO since 1998.  I still consider myself a tourist even though I live and work in Cornwall. So I understand what guests and customers are looking for.For community members all of your posts will be indexed so that they can be found easily outside of Google Plus.

“In our first week we  introduced a ‘German Tour Company with a Hotel in cornwall”

SEO and Digital Marketing Support Built in

This community is also unique in that I will include SEO support to ensure your posts reach the widest possible audience.

For Genius Loci clients we will also promote you across other social media platforms and continue to curate, design and optimise posts on your own pages…

We will be launching a monthly Hangout on Air for the community.

Join the Cornwall Tourism Community on Google Plus”

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Knowing Your Tourism Business – radio interview with Phil Aston


How you can make your your business STAND OUT?

  • Why should I choose you?
  • Why YOUR business?
  • Why are you in business?
  • What’s the passion behind the business?
  • What is it that’s remarkable about your business?

These are the questions consumers and business purchasers ask every single day.

In the interview I talk about

  • Getting yourself out there with a goal in mind so you know what success look like?
  • How marketing has dramatically changed in the tourism industry. (Worthy listen if you are in the tourism industry)
  • To stand out we need to offer the what’s in it for the potential customer rather than talking about features. (Excellent advice)

Phil has over 25 years experience in marketing and 10 years in the tourism sector and has been involved in SEO since the mid 1990s.

Phil currently hosts and produces the following Hangouts On Air shows

  • The Genius Loci Business & Media Show
  • West Cornwall Business Club HOA
  • Google Plus or Cornwall Business Show
  • What’s In Your Music Collection?
  • The Sue Aston Show (live music event)

You can connect with Genius Loci on Google plus https://plus.google.com/+GeniuslociCoUk

The show was broadcast on Radio Horton 16th October 2014. Asking the all important questions is renowned copywriter and regular guest presenter Joy McCarthy.


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