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Happy New Year – New YouTube Service in 2022

A new year and an exciting new shuffle of the digital services that we offer. 

Following the dramatic success of Now Spinning Magazine on YouTube we are going to offer YouTube Ads Management, YouTube Training and YouTube SEO.

Now Spinning Magazine will be used as a case study for our new video marketing services.

We are able to place your videos in front of channels more likely to respond and become subscribers.

Phil Aston

Genius Loci Media


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New Video Completed For ‘Of Mist and Moorland’

Sue Aston | Of Mist and Moorland

Here is our latest video production for the new single by Cornish Composer and Violinist Sue Aston

Sue’s latest single features haunting and melodic music which evokes the misty moorland of Cornwall.

The dramatic piano sound is softened and supported by layers of atmospheric strings, from which a solo violin emerges. A fusion of Classical and Celtic styles which is inspired by the natural landscape of Cornwall, the drama of the sea, and the evocative weather conditions shrouding the moors.

This is the official video for this new single which was released on Friday, April 16th.

It is available on all streaming and digital platforms.

The video was filmed at Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall by Genius Loci Media

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Zoom Weddings with HD Sound

virtual weddings with Zoom

Virtual Weddings

We are working with Classical Strings to help set up high-quality HD audio for Virtual Weddings using Zoom.
This is being achieved using Beyer Mics via a Focusrite audio interface. The sound is then channelled into Logic Pro X and out via Zoom.
Depending on the room the couple is getting married in we can add reverb and EQ to mimic a Church or Cathedral.
For the visual aspect, we will be using a green screen with a projected background to suit the occasion. A high-quality recording will also be made at the same time to be used as a wedding gift.

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Digital Marketing Masterclass with Phil Aston

Very honoured to have been asked to be on ‘The Thaducation Podcast’ with Thad Cox

In this podcast, I tell our story about how Genius Loci Media was set up, the risks we took, the mistakes we made, how we learnt to pivot when required and then go on to become a very successful Digital Agency.

I also cover lots of tips on how to use Social Media and promote yourself using digital media.


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Video Editing for Travel & Tourism

Just finished a fast turnaround video editing project for a Travel agency promoting tours around the Mekong Delta.

The videos answered a series of FAQs with the client talking to camera.

The project featured creating five 60 second videos using client supplied footage in portrait mode and producing the finished video in 1080HD widescreen format with photos and captions.

The finished videos were encoded for Facebook 1080HD and YouTube 1080HD with captions and enhanced sound.

We also uploaded all the videos optimising them using the best SEO practices for the clients market.

Another video featuring all five videos edited together was also created for the website.

Phil Aston