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Hackers Don’t Work 9-5 and Neither Should your Hosting Company

If your website gets hacked in the evening or weekend, will your hosting company or your website agency be there for you? Or will you get a message saying they will look at it during regular office hours?

Last night we had a luxury hotel that came under sustained attack, the result being they lost control of their website. They found themselves locked out and that their home page was now the doorway to spam downloads.
The website had a premium WordFence security Plugin already in place, but still, it was compromised. Wordfence, when contacted, said they would look at the issue in the morning for a fee of $125!
The hackers had covered their tracks well, and it looked like they had got in via another user account. They had then added additional scripts and set up a ring of protection for themselves.

With the client getting inundated with worried guests and the concern that Google could quickly blacklist them for Spam they got in touch. It was 11.30 pm.

We had a look at the log files on the server and could see suspicious activity had taken place in the previous 24 hours. We quickly decided to roll the website back seven days, including the Database and all files.
Within 30 mins we back in the website.

With this done, we quickly logged in and changed all the passwords and installed two-factor authentification protocols using separate phone apps. Our IT support team then monitored the website through the night. IP addresses were blacklisted, plugins checked and by 1.30 am; everything was fine with any website changes back in place.

By the time the client came back in this morning, everything was back online and working.

I have mentioned many times that some people are surprised that we also offer website hosting. It was never our intention in the beginning but having worked with so many client websites that were underperforming due to cheap shared hosting or had dire support. We started to offer our own.
Our dedicated servers are hosted in the UK, and our IT support is available 24/7 365 days per year. We run a dedicated high-performance server that can text us if someone even looks at it the wrong way!

Your website is at the centre of your online world, imagine what you would do if you lost it all and had to start again? With Genius Loci Media we are already ahead of you, with daily backups kept for a rolling seven days, together with monthly backups kept offsite on separate servers.

  • As you read this are all your plugins up to date?
  • Are all of your Plugins still valid?
  • Are you running the latest version of WordPress?
  • When was the last time you updated your passwords?

Do you even have time to even think about these issues?

Our solution is you won’t need to as our approach is to let you get back to what you do best, while we do the rest.

Phil Aston

Find out more about our hosting packages or call +44(0)1736 719342

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Digital Marketing Masterclass with Phil Aston

Very honoured to have been asked to be on ‘The Thaducation Podcast’ with Thad Cox

In this podcast, I tell our story about how Genius Loci Media was set up, the risks we took, the mistakes we made, how we learnt to pivot when required and then go on to become a very successful Digital Agency.

I also cover lots of tips on how to use Social Media and promote yourself using digital media.


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Get Back To What You Do Best – While We help with The Rest

Ideas are easy; it is the execution and implementation that is harder.

It is the same when creating content for your website and social media. You might type your thoughts into a Facebook or Linkedin post, but when it comes to your website, I see many people just put this off.

This approach results in a mixed message where your website seems to be behind your other online activities and can be confusing to your customers

One of our clients said “I have the ideas, but I don’t have the time to think about the SEO elements, source or resize images or worry about layout.”

We take your ideas, publish them on your website (and social media), look after the SEO, layout, and can even suggest subjects for you to write about if you need them!
Our approach is to take away the worry so you can be creative, look after your customers while we look after your online world.

Please give me a call to see how we can help you and your business.

Phil Aston

T : +44(0)1736 719342

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New WordPress Website Launched for Top Cornwall Restaurant

New Website Launched For The Square in Porthleven Cornwall

The brief was to build a WordPress website which could be updated by the client with facilities for online booking.

Our order book for website builds stretches way into 2020. This is incredible considering we do not advertise it as a service on our website. The power of word of mouth!


Phil Aston
Genius Loci Media
Digital Marketing Support

01736 719342

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How to fix the Visual Editor in WordPress 5

How to fix the Visual Editor in WordPress 5
(Video duration = 90 seconds)

If you have upgraded to WordPress 5 and use any form of visual editor you may find that your editing display is not working or you cannot edit or publish any new content.
Before you panic and think you will have to roll back to a previous version of WordPress or an older website backup – try this.

Go to Plugins and add the ‘WP Classic Editor Plugin’ once activated you may well find that you are back in business and can back to work.

NB: As new patches are released by WordPress and plugin authors update their software this should be a temporary solution. However, WordPress is going to maintain this plugin for at least a couple of years.


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New Website Design and Build for Tours Of Cornwall



  • WordPress Website Design and Build
  • Video Training
  • SEO
  • Social Media Integration
  • Photography

Tours Of Cornwall 

Phil Aston

Website Design Cornwall

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New Website Design for The Falmouth Packet Inn


New WordPress website launched for Taste of The West Winners ‘The Falmouth Packet Inn Cornwall


  • Build and Design
  • Training Video
  • Photography
  • SEO and Content creation
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Hosting

The Falmouth Packet Inn

Phil Aston

Genius Loci



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New Website Design for Lindfordhouse Self Catering Agency

website design cornwall UK

Another new website project launched this month

This was a large project for Self Catering Agency Lindford House.

The brief for this site was that the client wanted to be able to update the website themselves if required, add online availability and be mobile friendly.  The client also wanted to enter the world of social media so we also set up Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Accounts.

We were also asked to set up a full marketing and SEO package to help the company expand and grow.  They have already seen their portfolio grow in the short time the new website has been live.


The website services we provided were:

  • Website Design and build in WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Video Editing
  • Setting up Social Media accounts
  • Photography and Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Calendars and booking
  • Full SEO and Digital Marketing Package

Website Design Cornwall

Tel 01736 719342

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New Website Project Goes Live – Cornish Riding Holidays

website design cornwall Phil Aston Genius Loci

This is the first of two new website launches this week.

We were approached towards the end of last year to design and build a new website for Cornish Riding Holidays.  The brief was to provide a website that was responsive, mobile friendly and could be updated by the client.  The client also wanted the inclusion of social media and wanted bright colours to be appealing to the young audience they had in mind.  Provision was also made for the inclusion of video.  www.cornishridingholidays.co.uk

The website services we provided were:

  • Website Design and build
  • Hosting
  • Video Editing
  • Setting up Social Media
  • Photography and Editing
  • Graphic Design

Website Design Penzance Cornwall  – please get in touch Tel 01736 719342

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New Website Design Projects

website design cornwall - wordpress

2016 has been very busy for us already with 9 new website projects won just before Christmas and another 3 in the pipeline.

Projects nearing completion are for a Self Catering Agency, a Horse Riding Holiday company and a local community project.

All projects are being built in WordPress with training videos for each client to enable them to update themselves.

Phil Aston | 01736 719342

Website Design Cornwall


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