by Phil Aston

Competitor Analysis – Marketing Intelligence – Trends and Research


When is the best time to launch your latest offer?

We check the best time to launch your offer based on search trends and key phrases on a geographic level.  You could easily launch an offer and use Adwords at a time when there is little search traffic actually looking for what your are selling.  We can help you schedule your offers and posts to get the best return.

What are the trending keywords and phrases for your market?

People can be influenced by phrases they hear on social media or read online. We check what phrases are trending and getting the most traffic.  Just because the offer you ran last year worked well does not mean your target audience are thinking the same this year.

Who are you competitors online?

You will possible know who your competitors are but do you know who is using similar keywords or Ads in their online campaign, we do.

What Ads are your competitors using and what keywords?

We can run reports and give you data showing recent Ads and their performance.

Is it worth advertising with that online directory that keeps calling?

If you advertise on a website or directory you are used to the call each year asking you to renew your ad.  Rather just accepting the sales persons word that they are growing and sending you multiple referrals we can run a check on how many referrals you are actually getting and check on the website itself to see how it performing year on year.

How much should my Adwords Campaign be costing?

Specialising in PPC we can have a look at your Adwords Campaigns and compare them with your competitors, optimise them and save you money.

How does my website traffic compare with my competitors?

We can give you a quick overview on how your website is performing next to your competitors.


How would you like to have an Internet Marketing expert just an email or a phone call away?

Sometimes all we need is a second opinion

With so many changes constantly taking place in the world of Social Media and SEO, it can feel impossible trying to keep up with it all.  Finding the time to do so takes you away from what you do best, which is looking after your clients and customers.

Ideal for businesses who do their own SEO, Social Media or for Agencies who offer these services and want access to an expert for another opinion or latest news.

Much of my time is spent reading blogs, technical papers, attending webinars ensuring I stay up to date with all things to do with online marketing. To do this yourself would take you or a team member away from their day to day tasks. You can continue to do your own social media and online marketing but know you can ask me any questions and be kept up to date with any issues that may affect you or your business.

Payments are per month and you can cancel at anytime.  Price £125 per month

If you have any questions please call me on 01736 719342

Phil Aston