Google Plus Tips

by Phil Aston

Google Plus Tips

by Phil Aston

by Phil Aston


I  wanted to share with you some tips to help you get the most out of Google Plus.  It has become apparent since launching our Cornwall Tourism Community that a lot of people don’t get Google Plus!

Genius Insights – Do This

  1. Use the formatting tools (see below) to give your post a Title and perhaps the italics for your subheading.
  2. Even if you want to use a link, choose a photo first.  This will make more impact and can also carry your branding (try 1400px for width)
  3. Give as much info as you need.
  4. Include a link relevant to your post – try and use some of the same words that are on the destination page.
  5. Choose 3 hashtags relevant to your post.

The above will ensure that your post is indexed and will show up in local search on Google

Genius Insights – Don’t Do This

  1. Post photos or images without any text.
  2. Post links without any text or new background info.
  3. Forward posts to your profile or other communities without any original text.

Google may view any of the above as spam or duplicate content. I have seen some accounts suspended for this practice

Social Media is complicated and it takes time, but if done correctly it can really help build your business and brand.  If you need professional help, then please get in touch.

Thanks, Phil
T: 01736 719342

Phil Aston is a partner at Genius Loci a Digital Marketing & Media agency based in Cornwall. Phil has over 26 years experience in SEO, Marketing & Photography and works primarily in the Tourism & Retail sector. He is also a yoga teacher and musician.

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