Hangouts On Air

by Phil Aston

Hangouts On Air

by Phil Aston

by Phil Aston

We hosted our first Hangout On Air in January for ‘The West Cornwall Business Club* It was a lot of fun, and things did go wrong. I think there is a perception that you have to get everything right before doing this. However, it is not until you try that you see what other things you can do to improve and the other opportunities HOAs can bring to your business.

This is going to be a regular monthly event now, plus we are putting together ideas for our own Business and Media Show.

As someone said do not let perfection get in the way of progress!



Phil Aston is a partner at Genius Loci a Digital Marketing & Media agency based in Cornwall. Phil has over 26 years experience in SEO, Marketing & Photography and works primarily in the Tourism & Retail sector. He is also a yoga teacher and musician.

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