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Genius Loci help you concentrate on what you do best while growing your brand online.
Although SEO is still the phrase that people look for it now encompasses so many disciplines that we prefer the term ‘Digital Marketing‘.

Phil Aston is our senior Internet marketing consultant and helps clients with SEOSocial Media, Website Design, Google Adwords, Media production – photography and video and more recently online live streaming with Hangouts, Periscope and now Blab.

We were the first agency in the UK to deliver a professional live music broadcast in HD via Google Plus in 2014.

Genius Loci are a case study for BT Superfast Broadband Cornwall due to our achievements as a global leader for communications via Google Hangouts on Air.

The video above is from our latest Blog

If this is you, we can help?

  • You have a website, but don’t have time to update it and it is taking key staff away from your customers
  • You several social media accounts but are not posting on a regular basis or with a strategy
  • You feel you are being left behind and it all takes time.
  • You have an Adwords account but apart from spending your money faster than you would like, you have no time to manage it.

We will help you concentrate on what you do best

SEO is changing all the time and Social Media is becoming more time consuming. Plus there are real security issues in not keeping your website up to date, especially with WordPress.

SEO and Digital Marketing are not a mysterious science and we will explain everything we do to in plain English.

There is a misconception that Social Media is free, it is NOT ‘Free Media’, it takes up your time and can be complicated. We understand it, use it every day and can help you formulate a strategy that engages your customers and helps you find new ones.

Results based on increasing your website traffic and getting the phone to ring!

Based on your goals and current strategies we will put together a coherent social media message with posts using graphics and photography which are branded and tweaked for each platform.  We can also utilise video shot on your smartphone to look professional and again using your logos and brand message.

We will review you current campaigns or set up your account if you are new to Google Adwords.

With a hotel in Cornwall we managed to get their cost per click from £3.00 to £0.20p !

Sleep easier and let us help grow your digital world.

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For Hotels in Cornwall we have supplied : SEO, Website design and management, Social Media support, photography, music for weddings and yoga retreats…all from Genius Loci.
Rather than worrying about how you are going to find your next customers, Genius Loci help them find you.