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I started in SEO in 1998 and I have seen so many changes since then. Google used to tell you when they were going to make changes, now they change their algorithm several times a day. It was also so much easier to get a website found back then. Many people who specialised in SEO in the early days had various tricks and techniques that worked almost overnight. None of those techniques work now and for good reason. The intent behind getting traffic to a website back then was not always that ethical!

I have seen so many changes over the years and I am pleased to see that Search Engine Optimisation is now about building trust through transparency and real honest goals.

In 2020 is also not just about Google anymore. Your website may be at the heart of your online world but enquires will also arrive via Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc. One of the things I see a lot is that clients may feel more confident on their favourite social media channel, and place multiple updates there while still pointing potential customers to a website that no longer shares the same message.

Also with WordPress, there is a misconception that all you need is an SEO Plugin like Yoast and you are ready to go. If you are reading this you know this is not the case. Your customers are using social media to get feedback from real customers and get reassurance that they are making a sound decision. So not only have you got to be found online, but you also need to ensure all your channels are joined at the hip and singing the same song.

COVID-19 has made this even more important. It is not what you say or do, it is how you make people feel which is how you will be remembered.  Your message and your content strategy need to project the same story. Customers will compare and share your story across social media and review websites, only then will they make their move.  I help your customers find you online and ensure your website and content work for you and not against you.

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“Phil Aston is one selfless individual who always provides value and brings it to the marketplace.I have learnt so much about SEO and social media from Phil and for that, I am truly grateful”.  Steve Ottwell

SEO Cornwall Consultant Phil Aston Genius Loci

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation service)
Ethical SEO based on 22 years of experience. First, we listen to what you want to achieve. Then we look at the whole picture, your website, your content and video strategy, analytics, competitor intel and trends and work with you  Read More

We’ve helped brands get discovered online by using an individualised approach to SEO and Social Media Marketing. Your new success story starts here.

Phil knows how to engage in the SEO marketing world and his attention to details is one of his many assets, but what sets Phil apart is his dedication and willingness to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you have never had the pleasure of engaging with Phil Aston, then do yourself and your business a huge favour and do so today. Brock Cornish Partnerships

David Brock

Phil Aston is one selfless individual who always provides value and brings it to the marketplace.I have learnt so much about SEO and social media from Phil and for that, I am truly grateful.
Phil Aston really understands what it truly is that makes a business unique and then shares that with the world hence our business is now busier.

Steve Ottwell

We have worked with Phil for a number of years and have been extremely pleased with his professionalism and attention to detail. The websites that he has designed for us are up to date and on trend and have certainly helped increase our business.
He is very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and social media marketing and his photography is wonderful’.

Sharon McKenzie

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