Cornwall Biz UK

Cornwall Biz UK

by Phil Aston

Cornwall Business UK

The Cornwall Biz UK Twitter account

We help promote Cornwall Business around the world.

We have a very strong Social Media reach across many platforms (Over 180K).

All of our clients get their tweets re-tweeted from this account and Genius Loci as part of our service.

The account also shares Social Media tips and news from our main Twitter account @geniusloci

Cornwall Biz UK on Twitter 4K Followers

Genius Loci Media on Twitter  29K Followers

Have your top Tweet featured (pinned to the Cornwall Biz UK profile).

From just £50 per month you can have a tweet of your choice featured on the Cornwall Biz account*

*This is included for current SEO / Social Media clients

If you would like help in growing your Twitter following please get in touch.

Phil & Sue Aston |Genius Loci Media

01736 719342




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