Cornwall Stock Photography

Cornwall Stock Photography

by Phil Aston

Cornwall Stock Photography

This is just a small selection of the Cornwall Stock photography available from our image library. We have thousands of photos of Cornwall all in HiRes which can be bought or licensed.

Recent photography projects: Cornwall Visitor Guide, Conde Naste Traveller Magazine, Amateur Photographer Magazine and Zest. Please  call us on 01736 719342

Photographer:Phil Aston

  • Camera: Lumix GH5, iPhone X, Canon 7D, 50D
  • Lens: Canon EF 70-200 / EF-S 15-85
  • Flash: Canon 133A Speedlite Flash

Photography is something I love and always try to take with the eyes of the heart. I am lucky that what I see inspires others to visit, buy or eat what I shoot! Living in Cornwall also helps. Phil Aston