Do You Want Help Setting Up and Running Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads - The most cost-effective and targeted way of finding new customers

Do You Want Help Setting Up and Running Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads - The most cost-effective and targeted way of finding new customers

by Phil Aston

The Video is a case study for a Tourism based in the UK marketing to the USA. Since the video was filmed the monthly revenue has increased from £17,000 a month, to £65,000 a month and now £95,000.  A lot of work went into this, and we’re still experimenting, But it’s been a great success, the client is very happy.

Recent news from Facebook announcing that Business pages will be taken out of people’s news feed has meant we have all seen reports and blog posts calling this Facebook End of Days. We do not think that is the case. What is true is that organic reach from a Facebook business and brands pages have been declining for a while.

Facebook should now be part of your paid marketing plan. It is the largest self-assembled audience in the world and we can help find your audience and help them find you.

It does not matter if your customers are the other side of the word or 5 miles from your business, advertising on Facebook can put your business directly in front of their eyes.

You can also use your own mailing lists and then create related lists offering even more targeting options.

This sounds great and potentially confusing with all the multiple options and we meet a lot of clients who are not sure where to start or have tried Facebook advertising and have decided it does not work for them.

The reality is that nearly 85% of the population are on Facebook and as you see people glued to their mobile phones they are more than likely on Facebook or its associated platforms like Instagram.

We strongly believe that Social Media is now a key part of SEO. Facebook Advertising is a cheaper alternative to Google Adwords and the targeting is far more detailed.

What we will do for you

  • Set up your Facebook Ads
  • Create and edit media – (from photos to video edits)
  • Boost Facebook posts to specific audiences
  • Help you identify your ideal audience
  • Set up targeting (this can be age, interests, competitor pages)
  • Hide Ads from people who already like your page
  • Import mailing lists and create custom audiences
  • Monitor and report back on progress
  • Keep to your desired budget

We manage Facebook Ads for businesses of all sizes.  We have a vast amount of experience and data relating to running ads from Tourism to Retail.

How Not to Choose Your Social Media Agency

  1. Don’t hire anyone who needs 10 people and 25 days to compose a tweet.
  2. Do not sign up to any Social Media experts who have fewer than 100 followers, tweet twice a month and charge £100s per month
  3. Do not use any agency that auto promotes the same content across platforms.
  4. Don’t use any agency that simply re-shares content created by others
  5. Never take advice from anyone who has fewer followers than you.

You are not tied into any contract with us, and you are not tied to any long-term plan with Genius Loci. You can cancel at any time with just one month’s notice.

Call 01736 719342 now to see how we can help you.

Phil Aston

We can help you get back to what you do best whilst we grow and monitor your online world.