SEO | Search Engine Optimisation

SEO | Search Engine Optimisation

by Phil Aston

I have been involved in SEO since 1998. My approach is ethical and designed for real visitors

My measurement for SEO success is simple:

  1. Has your traffic increased?
  2. Is it the right traffic?
  3. Are you getting enquiries?

Now, when I say website traffic I DO NOT mean simply traffic to your website.  That approach is old and outdated.  In fact, it is why there are so many blog posts and articles stating ‘SEO is dead’.

My measurement of success is increasing traffic to your business from all channels.  This includes your website and traffic from your social media channels and messenger apps.

I have several clients now where they take just as many bookings/sales from their Facebook business pages via messenger as their websites.

80% of what the SEO industry built itself on is now irrelevant.’ Phil Aston

My Approach

Genius Loci Media SEO services are not just about ranking (remember what you see is personalised to you). It is about increasing your customer traffic and enquiries. I work ethically and mindfully to take your business success to the next level.

The Approach

  • Help you to identify who your customers are
  • Ensure that your website and content answers the problems or needs of your customers
  • Help you to identify your unique selling points
  • Focus on where your customers are and how to interact with them
  • Help the right people find you
  • Put together a coherent story for your brand
  • Off regular Video Reporting

What I Do

  • Ensure that your website is working as it should
  • Update and format content that is SEO friendly
  • Analyse website analytics and explain in plain English what needs to improve
  • Keep on top of the latest keyword research for your market
  • Competitor Analysis Analytics
  • Content  and media creation
  • Video calls and reporting
  • Google Local Posts and Optimisation

SEO Reporting

  • You will not get inundated with lots of automatically generated spreadsheets and PDFs each month. No one reads them.
  • I will provide unique video reports where I personally talk through performance and findings.
  • This allows you to watch and listen and for us to provide actions points which are easy to follow and not buried on page 35 of a spreadsheet.

I also provide video reports as and when they are needed so if I see some news or opportunities that could be useful I create one.  You do not have to wait until the end of the month.

Why Choose Phil Aston & Genius Loci Media?

  • Involved in SEO since 1998
  • No contracts  – services can be booked a month at a time
  • You get to work directly with ‘Phil Aston’ the work is not outsourced to anyone else
  • All our SEO methodologies are ethical and transparent
  • Our skill set includes Social Media, content marketing, WordPress, hosting and video

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Phil Aston
SEO SPECIALIST | Phil Aston Cornwall 

I’ll help you start the right way with a customised SEO plan to get your website and business moving forward.