Amplifying Your Digital Presence: SEO That Rocks

SEO That Rocks

Amplifying Your Digital Presence: SEO That Rocks

SEO That Rocks

by Phil Aston
SEO for the music business

Amplifying Your Digital Presence: SEO That Rocks

Since my initial dive into the world of SEO in 1998, I’ve been harmonizing websites to resonate clearly in the digital realm. Much like composing a hit track, SEO requires a mix of intuition, skill, and creativity.

What Does SEO Success Sound Like?

Not just a mere surge in website hits. An encore of website visits isn’t my main gig. It’s about growing your digital audience from every stage – be it your website, your dynamic social media profiles, or direct chats via messenger apps. Many of my clients now sell tickets, merchandise, and tracks just as frequently via direct messages as they do through their websites.

Phil’s Riff on SEO:

“80% of what the SEO scene once jammed to is now out of the playlist.”

My Setlist for Your SEO Success:

  • Tune into Your Fans: Understanding who they are and what they’re craving.
  • Lyrically Perfect Content: Ensure your website answers your fans’ questions and speaks their language.
  • Crafting Your Unique Sound: Pinpointing what sets you apart.
  • Digital Backstage Pass: Knowing where your fans hang out online and joining the party.
  • Help Fans Find Your Gig: Directing the right listeners to you.
  • Narrate Your Musical Journey: Constructing a consistent and captivating brand story.
  • Video Insights: No more trawling through data sheets; get clear video reports with actionable takeaways.

On My Set:

  • Website Soundchecks: Ensuring everything’s functioning and ready to roll.
  • Content Remixing: Updating and tuning content to be SEO harmonious.
  • Decoding Digital Metrics: Translating analytics to actionable insights.
  • Spotlighting the Right Keywords: Staying updated with terms that resonate.
  • Support Acts & Main Events: Analysing competitors and your unique space in the digital arena.
  • Content & Media Composition: Crafting meaningful digital touchpoints.
  • VIP Access with Google: Local posts and optimization for maximum reach.

Behind the Curtain: SEO Reporting

Ditch the exhaustive spreadsheets. I provide unique video reports where I personally guide you through the performance metrics, much like a behind-the-scenes documentary on a new album release. Instant insights? I’m on it. No waiting till the tour ends.

Why Jam with Phil Aston & Genius Loci Media?

  • Decades on the SEO Mainstage: Making noise since 1998.
  • Solo Acts: No contracts; engage gig by gig. Plus, you collaborate directly with me, Phil.
  • Transparent & Ethical SEO Concerts: Our acts are clear, and the curtain’s always open.
  • Versatility: Beyond SEO – Social Media, Content, WordPress, Hosting, Video; we’re a full band.
Phil Aston
SEO SPECIALIST | Phil Aston Cornwall 

I’ll help you start the right way with a customised SEO plan to get your website and business moving forward.