Social media without a strategy is just noise.  We will help you develop a voice and grow your brand. 

Social Media Management

Social media without a strategy is just noise.  We will help you develop a voice and grow your brand. 

Social Media Management

by Phil Aston
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Amplify Your Voice: Strategic Social Media for the Music Industry

Navigating the music scene without a strategic digital presence is like an unplugged gig – it’s just not as effective. Bands, musicians, record labels, and music PR pros: Let’s get your act a standing ovation online.

Social Media Strategy & Management for the Music Realm Note: Our ensemble is currently fully booked for this performance.

In today’s digital age, social media is the mainstage where your fans are eagerly waiting. But with the busy life of the music world, it’s easy to just drop a track without setting the stage right.

Maintaining an online presence isn’t just another item on the setlist. It demands dedication, constant updates, and can quickly feel like a complicated soundcheck. While some find joy in this, we understand many in the music industry would rather focus on their core passion – the music. That’s where we come in, because for us, social media is the music we dance to.

Social media isn’t a ‘free concert’. It demands your time and understanding. But it’s where your audience – be it fans, collaborators, or industry giants – are hanging out. When they’re not looking up their favorite artists or checking out new releases, they’re scrolling through their feeds.

Imagine a world where every release, every gig, every new venture of yours has its own hashtag, buzzing and trending. That’s the world we want to create for you.

Our Setlist for Your Success

  • Tailored Strategies: We’ll vibe with your brand’s personality, ensuring your online voice is as authentic as your music.
  • Platform Optimization: Not every stage is fit for every artist. We’ll guide you to the right social media platforms and tune them for perfection.
  • Audience Engagement: We’ll ensure you’re not just heard, but listened to, understanding what your audience wants and responding in kind.
  • Goal-Driven Tactics: Like any great album, there’s a vision. We’ll set measurable goals to keep your online strategy platinum-worthy.

Your fans are waiting, phones in hand, ready to be part of your journey. Let us help you lead the way.

Phil Aston | Genius Loci Media

What We Do

If we identify another area that will help your brand or changes which would work for you within Social Media, then we incorporate it. We will:

  • Design, develop and set up your social accounts
  • Promote your offers and website content
  • Research who to follow
  • Promote your activity via our own networks
  • Optimise your posts with the right keywords
  • Design artwork as required
  • Manage and design Facebook Ads
  • Monitor who follows you
  • Provide analytics and monitoring
  • Edit you own images and videos
  • Competitor Facebook Page Analytics and comparison
  • Competitor Twitter Analytics

Why Choose Us?

We were early adopters in Social Media and understand the intricacies of listening and broadcasting.

Being specialists in SEO and WordPress sets us apart from many agencies so we can ensure all your posts are optimised and your website is updated.

  • You are not tied into any contract
  • We have a very strong Social Media following ourselves – Over 180K
  • We can design and optimise your text and images
  • You can also carry on doing your own posts and tweets
  • We will tell your story uniquely across networks
  • We can edit or brand video for different platforms
  • We will also share your content on our network

Our social media reach is over 180,000 and we promote all our clients via our network

We have an extensive Twitter Network which can be used to help promote your business and offers.

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How Not to Choose Your Social Media Agency

  1. Don’t hire anyone who needs 10 people and 25 days to compose a tweet.
  2. Do not sign up to any Social Media experts who have fewer than 100 followers, tweet twice a month and charge £100s per month
  3. Do not use any agency that auto promotes the same content across platforms.
  4. Don’t use any agency that simply re-shares content created by others
  5. Never take advice from anyone who has fewer followers than you.

You are not tied into any contract with us, and you are not tied to any long-term plan with Genius Loci. You can cancel at any time with just one month’s notice.

Call 01736 719342 now to see how we can help you.

Phil Aston

We can help you get back to what you do best whilst we grow and monitor your online world.