Social Media Marketing and Management

Social Media is now more important than ever before in getting your business noticed and allowing your customers to share your news with others.

It does however, take a lot of time, changes often and can be complicated. You can easily put in the hours and have nothing to show for it apart from the fact it took you away from your core tasks.  If you enjoy it then that’s great, but if you don’t then outsource it to us, because we do love it.

There is a misconception that Social Media is free, it is NOT ‘Free Media’, it takes up your time and can be complicated. We understand it, use it every day and can help you formulate a strategy that engages your customers and helps you find new ones. Social Media Marketing is now an integral part of any ‘Digital Marketing’ SEO strategy.

Our role is to help you keep on top of your Social Media accounts by posting relevant content that stays in line with your current content marketing strategy and your business’ tone of voice. We will also grow your audience and ensure it is the right audience.

The online world is now predominantly on mobile. When you are out and about, look at people at restaurants, train stations, airports or on the move.  What are they doing?  They are looking at their phones.  They are not searching on Google, they are on Social Media.

If that is where they are spending their time then that is where you need to be. Think about when you are at home, watching the TV, how many of your family are also checking their phones? Almost every TV program now has a hashtag, what is yours?

Our Approach

Our Social Media Marketing service blends in with your brand personality.

  • Help you identify which social channels are best for your business
  • Set up your accounts and optimise your words and images
  • Listen to and understand your customers’ needs
  • Set goals which can be measured

What We Do

If we identify another area that will help your brand or changes which would work for you within Social Media, then we incorporate it. We will:

  • Design, develop and set up your social accounts
  • Promote your offers and website content
  • Research who to follow
  • Promote your activity via our own networks
  • Optimise your posts with the right keywords
  • Design artwork as required
  • Manage and design Facebook Ads
  • Monitor who follows you
  • Provide analytics and monitoring
  • Edit you own images and videos
  • Competitor Facebook Page Analytics and comparision
  • Competitor Twitter Analytics

Why Choose Us?

We were early adopters in Social Media and understand the intricacies of listening and broadcasting.

  • You are not tied into any contract
  • We have a very strong Social Media following ourselves – Over 180K
  • We can design and optimise your text and images
  • You can also carry on doing your own posts and tweets
  • We will tell your story uniquely across networks
  • We can edit or brand video for different platforms
  • We will also share your content on our network

How Not to Choose Your Social Media Agency

  1. Don’t hire anyone who needs 10 people and 25 days to compose a tweet.
  2. Do not sign up to any Social Media experts who have fewer than 100 followers, tweet twice a month and charge £100s per month
  3. Do not use any agency that auto promotes the same content across platforms.
  4. Don’t use any agency that simply re-shares content created by others
  5. Never take advice from anyone who has fewer followers than you.

Our social media reach is over 180,000 and we promote all our clients via our network

social media management
Social Media Marketing and Management can also included as part of our SEO and Digital Marketing packages
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