Just send us your video footage

Video Editing

Just send us your video footage

Video Editing

by Phil Aston

We will add text to highlight offers and links to the website as part of the editing process.

We can edit videos for your website and social media accounts

We can work with footage shot on a mobile phone or DSLR.

Send us your logos and we will brand it and edit to the correct length for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

These are the ways we can help you:

  • You give us your video clips and we edit them to make a more watchable single video.
  • Trim and re-sequence your video clips.
  • Edit the sound and enhance the picture quality.
  • Add opening and closing titles, branding, lower thirds and add on-screen captions.

The price for this service is £75 per hour


Client: St Moritz Hotel – The brief was to make shorter edits of their corporate video for Social Media and also add branding and links.

Client: GlobalRiver Cruising – The brief was to put together a video to introduce the brand and the people behind it.  We came up with the questions and format following a call via Skype.  We then put together the video from clips and photos sent by the client.

Client: Sue Aston
We are getting a lot of very positive feedback about this video. One of the key questions being asked is what camera did we use?
The fact is, the whole video was filmed on an iPhone and then edited in After Effects and Premier Pro.
We are doing more and more film edits for clients that have been shot on Smart Phone and we wanted this to be a showcase to show what we can do for you.
If you are looking to turn your iPhone footage into a professional looking video for your website or social media, then please get in touch.
We can professionally edit your footage, add lower thirds, graphics, branding, music and links to suit you.
Or, if you prefer, we can do the filming as well for you.

Client: VIP Guest

Voice Over and Screen Recording for a website and social media

Client: Classical Strings

Promo video filmed on iPhone and edited for YouTube, Social Media and website marketing.

Client: The Samphire Club is a Networking Club based in Cornwall. We were given the photos and then asked to put together a short video of the event. This involved creating the logo, titles and editing the clips together. We also added the black borders and end credits.

Tips for filming using your Iphone

  • In the video setting choose 1080HD 60fps – this will make for a smoother finished film
  • Film for 5 seconds before starting to pan and also do the same at the end – this helps in the editing process
  • Film 5 seconds prior to filming an interview – this also helps in the editing process

The key thing is creating more videos rather than a big production once a year. If you have a new offer try this.

  • Opening shot – your location – view of the sea
  • Offer Shot – Bedroom  / Restaurant
  • Optional: staff talking to camera about the offer
  • Final shot – external location or pool

You are not tied into any contract with us, and you are not tied to any long-term plan with Genius Loci. You can cancel at any time with just one month’s notice.

Call 01736 719342 now to see how we can help you.

Phil Aston SEO Consultant Cornwall
Phil Aston

Video builds trust and authenticity faster than any other medium.