Wordpress Development

Website Design

Wordpress Development

Website Design

by Phil Aston

Professional WordPress Websites.

It’s not just about having a website anymore…

Up until quite recently, all you needed to do was launch your new website and then go back to your day to day business.  You may have needed to invest in a bit of SEO depending on your market, but that was all. Flash forward to today and we are in a very different world. Your website now needs to have new content added quickly and dynamically.
It needs to have seamless integration with Social Media and be flexible to change when required. Marketing your website has now changed and you need a platform that can respond to the future in real time.

Responsive Design

80% of our clients’ website traffic now comes via mobile and tablet devices.
All our new website designs are now tested on multiple screen sizes. A responsive website means that the website will adapt to whatever screen size it is accessed on.

We also provide full training videos for each section so you can learn how to update your new website yourself

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