Website Management

Outsource your WordPress website updates to us and get back to what you do best!

STOP PRESS : If you want help moving your WordPress website over to https then we can do this for you.

We can

  • Order your SSL Certificate
  • Install it on your server (or our server)
  • Configure WordPress
  • Set up Re-directs from http
  • Test it with Google.
  • Amend Google analytics and Google Search to ensure Google is indexing your secure site

Costs from £200 

WordPress Management

Although updating your website yourself can be very rewarding but it is not for everyone. You may find that your website is taking you away from more important tasks, such as dealing with your customers. Updates that should take minutes to complete are taking up more and more of your time. Plus, are you choosing the right words for your content and could this be affecting the SEO of your site?

If you are someone who would like to get more time back in order to concentrate on your business, then we can help you. We can support you by updating your website and keeping it up to date with the latest thinking in Internet Marketing.

Our Approach

We ensure that your website is up to date, working for you and has SEO optimised pages and content.

We will:

  • Let you get on with what you do best – give you time back to look after your customers.
  • Be an extension of your team
  • Add value via marketing and SEO
  • Offer advice about new pages and content.

What We Do

We liaise closely with you on all updates, including marketing advice and best practice.

We will:

  • Ensure that your WordPress website is working as it should
  • Update and format content ensuring that it is SEO friendly
  • Test and fix any functionality issues
  • Keep on top of the latest keyword research for your market
  • Upgrade and optimise your images
  • Add new pages and design elements as required
  • Provide website hosting
  • Provide regular back ups
  • Install the latest security updates for WordPress

Why Choose Us

We understand that WordPress website updates need to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

We Will:

  • You get access to our SEO expertise
  • We specialise in WordPress sites
  • Our analysis will help you see the effectiveness of your changes
  • We offer marketing support and advice

We specialise in WordPress sites and will ensure your website is kept up to date with the latest plugins and security updates.

Need Secure Hosting for Your WordPress Website?

We have our own dedicated server which is based in the UK and is fully optimised for WordPress. You will also have full access via your own control panel

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