SEO Website Audits

A Detailed Video Report With Action Points in Plain English

SEO Website Audits

A Detailed Video Report With Action Points in Plain English

by Phil Aston

Phil Aston starting working on SEO in 1998.  Since then there have been many changes in search and website development.  In that time we have never had any website penalised from our SEO activities.

SEO Website Audit

Although there are many online tools to run audits (and many other agencies use these) they do not give you data you can easily understand or form an action plan from.

Many automated website audits also raise lots of false positives. Getting a report containing over 150 pages with 2000 website errors sounds scary, but how many are actually real, and what do you need to do with them?

I will manually create a report with recommendations to improve your performance.

The report will be delivered via video.

I have over 20 years experience in SEO and will provide you with an easy to understand report with action points your website developer can implement.

I will also take the time to talk to you about your content strategy and help analyse your pages for the best keywords for your market sector.

My video report can also give you insights into your competitors. Through website traffic, performance, Ads and most popular pages.

Do I really Need This?

Google is changing all the time and your website needs to change with it. What I find is that previous SEO agencies or web developers may have used tactics (that although fine at the time) are now having a negative effect on a website.

Also trying to get an overview of your competitors and your market sector can take days. We put it together and explain it in plain English.

How Much Do You Charge?

Prices are from £500 depending on the size and type of website involved and your market sector. If you would like a free quotation please get in touch with me.

What Do I Need From You?

I will need access to your website and your Google Analytics account. It would also be useful to know what keyword phrases you are targeting.

I do find with many clients that they are going after the wrong phrases for their niche.

Are there any additional costs?

The other costs will be for your website developer or copywriter. Genius Loci Media can also quote for this if you like.

Phil Aston

01736 719342

Why Choose Us?

  • Established 2004
  • All our SEO methodologies are ethical and transparent
  • None of our clients have ever been penalised by Google
  • 5 Star Rated on Google
  • Our skill set includes Social Media, WordPress, Adwords and Multi Media

Our background is in marketing so we always try to explain the SEO / marketing process in as simple a way as possible.

Internet marketing and search engine optimisation are labour intensive as much of the research is done painstakingly by hand. We do not outsource any activity, everything is done by ourselves.

We have over 20 years experience in how search engines index sites and we pride ourselves on our ability to stay up with changes.

You are not tied into any contract with us, and you are not tied to any long-term plan with Genius Loci. You can cancel at any time with just one month’s notice.

Call 01736 719342 now to see how we can help you.

Phil Aston

I’ll help you start the right way with a customised SEO plan to get your website moving forward.