Personalised Training Using Your Own Website

WordPress Training Via Video

Personalised Training Using Your Own Website

WordPress Training Via Video

by Phil Aston

Get confident in updating your WordPress website with video training you can watch again and again. 

WordPress Training via Video

  • The training videos use your own website making them easy to follow
  • All videos are kept short covering one subject so you can easily find the information you need.
  • Save money on outsourcing and keep your website updated

Maybe you have had the website for a while and you had training originally before the website was handed over to you by the design company. Since then you have been too busy or perhaps the person who used to update your website has left your organisation.

Since then you have forgotten the intricacies of the training and are not sure about what you can and cannot do. You might also have some fear about messing up the design.

The result is you avoid updating your website or go back to your design company who charge a lot for sometimes just simple text amendments.

Simply tell us what it is you want to do,  maybe it is adding a blog post, changes to page text or adding images etc.

We will then put together a training video showing you step by step how to do each task.
This means you can play it, stop it, pause it, watch it again or pass it on to a new member of staff.

What we will do for you

  • Provide bespoke easy to follow training videos for your WordPress website
  • Adding content – pages – Blog Posts
  • Adding Images – Video
  • Updating Menus
  • Back Office Training
  • WooCommerce Training

We produce WordPress training Video for clients around the world.  They can just a few minutes in duration covering one topic or several.

Call 01736 719342 now to see how we can help you.

Phil Aston SEO Consultant Cornwall
Phil Aston

Gain confidence in updating your own website again by having your own training videos made using your own website.