YouTube Advertising Support

YouTube Advertising Support

by Phil Aston

We can help you

Set your goals and objectives. This is the most important part of planning a campaign. It is vital to know what you want the target audience to do, or say, after watching a video.

We can find your niche and ensure your Ads are seen by an audience already interested in what you do.

Create a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Target your YouTube ad campaign

We target via

  • Keywords
  • Channels
  • Related Videos
  • Topics
  • Influencers

Find the right placements for your Ads and Videos

Recent Case Study – Now Spinning Magazine

In a year we took the Now Spinning YouTube Channel from under 100 subscribers to 2,700 and 22K hours of watchtime

  • YouTube Channel  – 326,000 views – 22K hours – 2,700 Subscribers

Set up and Management from £650 per month