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Now Spinning Magazine: Amplifying the Beats of Independent Music Reviews

Now Spinning Magazine: Amplifying the Beats of Independent Music Reviews

Amidst the cacophony of the music world, Now Spinning Magazine stands out as a beacon for physical music enthusiasts. Our journey has been exhilarating, and it’s time we shared our achievements with the community that made it possible.

Accolades & Features

Proudly featured in the esteemed 2023 & 2024 editions of Music Week Directory.
Garnered spotlight in Record Collector Magazine, testifying to our commitment to the music realm.

Our Expanding Horizon: By the Numbers

Website: With 155,000 monthly visits, our site is more than just pages and links. It’s a realm for the musically curious, with every click echoing our readers’ trust.

YouTube Channel: Our digital stage features 630+ videos, garnering an impressive 1,350,000 views, consuming over 115,000 hours, and striking a chord with 9,750 subscribers.

Audience Profile: Our core listeners, predominantly aged 30-60, consist of 90% males and 10% females, all united by their love for tangible music treasures – be it Vinyl or CD.

Facebook Community: Our private Music Collectors Community boasts a harmonious group of 1,200 aficionados, making it a hub for sharing, discovering, and celebrating music.

Podcast Highlights

Our recent sessions reverberated with the insights and melodies of stellar artists, each contributing to the mosaic of sounds we celebrate. Some illustrious names that graced our platform include:

Rock legends like Suzi Quatro, Steve Hackett, Uli Jon Roth, and Andy Powell from Wishbone Ash.
Powerhouses like Manfred Mann, Deborah Bonham, and Sam Brown.
Intriguing dialogues with the likes of Doogie White (from Rainbow, Alcatrazz, and MSG), Carl Dixon (of Coney Hatch), Michael Des Barres (whose credits include Silverhead, Detective, Chequered Past, and Power Station), and many more.
The list goes on, echoing our unwavering commitment to bringing diverse and authentic voices to the forefront.

In Conclusion

Our focus at Now Spinning Magazine has always been about celebrating music in its purest, most authentic form. With each achievement, feature, and collaboration, we’re reminded of our mission to serve the independent music community and music fans around the world.

Phil Aston