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Why We Use a ‘To Help List’ and not a’To Do List’

Putting together your ‘To Do List’ at the end of everyday is a good way of keeping on track of your projects and seeing how you are progressing against your targets.  Here at Genius Loci we call them ‘To Help Lists’.  We have always done this to ensure that it never become just a list of tasks that need to be ticked off.

Each item we commit to our ‘To Help List’ is an opportunity to help our clients become more successful. This puts meaning and empathy behind each activity as we look for ways of adding value to our clients.  In the fast changing world of Digital marketing and SEO this has proven to be essential.

Phil Aston

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New Website Design for Lindfordhouse Self Catering Agency

website design cornwall UK

Another new website project launched this month

This was a large project for Self Catering Agency Lindford House.

The brief for this site was that the client wanted to be able to update the website themselves if required, add online availability and be mobile friendly.  The client also wanted to enter the world of social media so we also set up Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Accounts.

We were also asked to set up a full marketing and SEO package to help the company expand and grow.  They have already seen their portfolio grow in the short time the new website has been live.


The website services we provided were:

  • Website Design and build in WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Video Editing
  • Setting up Social Media accounts
  • Photography and Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Calendars and booking
  • Full SEO and Digital Marketing Package

Website Design Cornwall

Tel 01736 719342

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Social Media is SEO

I get many enquiries from people asking for help with their SEO.  My first question I ask is ‘What is your social media strategy?’ This is usually followed with, we don’t have one or we have a junior member of staff who does that for us.

When I ask ‘How did you find me?’ the answer is more often than not, that they saw a video on Facebook, or a post on Twitter, Google Plus etc.

I help my clients get found online, and social media is a key way I now do this. Look at people in restaurants, train stations, airports or just anywhere – what are they doing?  They are looking at their smart phones and they are not searching google, they are on social media. If that is where they are looking then that is where you need to be as well.

If you want help bringing together your internet marketing then get in touch.

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Video Marketing – You Can Use Your Mobile Phone

Video Marketing is now very important and on social media people watch more than they read.

500M People Are Watching Facebook Videos Every Day

This video was shot entirely on an iPhone. No tripod was used and all the footage and interview was captured handheld by myself.  Filming took about 8mins.  The idea here is to show what can be achieved when telling a story on video. 

There is still an important place for corporate client videos, but this video was put together to show you that video shot in this way is idea for social media, and your Blog

We are now in the age of attention and trust.  Video will help you build your brand and gain attention more quicker than simply text based posts and content.

But what about editing?

You can do this yourself but we are helping more and more clients with this part of the process.

Simply send your clips via dropbox and we will:

  • Add branding
  • Edit your film clips
  • Super impose any interviews on a background (like this example)
  • Add titles / transitions
  • Export and render your video for use on YouTube & Facebook

We can also send you special edits for Twitter and Instagram. 

To find out more please get in touch – contact – Phil Aston

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Facebook Business Pages – Audience Optimisation

Social Media News  

You can now self-moderate how visible your Facebook Business page content is to your fans

The brand-new Audience Optimisation tool is an organic targeting tool set to help pages ensure that posts are seen by the users who are most likely to engage with them.

How to switch this option on and use it:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ – top right
  3. Click on ‘General’ – top left
  4. Select News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts and save changes
  5. When you next compose a post select the targeting option – this will bring up the screen below.

Clicking the above option will then activate the targeting option below.

Save your options and post!

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Facebook Expands Live Video Streaming to All Users

This is the news we have been waiting for.

facebook live streaming

With Apple naming Periscope as one of its top Apps of 2015 and Blab stealing the thunder from Hangouts  (although we still love them), It was inevitable that Facebook would roll in with their own live streaming product…and here it is…

Video Marketing will be huge in 2016. We started our own journey in 2014 with our live Marketing Hangouts which attracted audiences from around the world. This year we added Periscope and Blab to our tool box and we also expect to replace most of our Blog activity with video posts as well.

So does this mean you don’t need to bother about the other platforms?  

It depends where your customers and audience are.

  • Facebook Live Streaming  – It you are B2C and have a large audience on Facebook then this is great news for you.
  • Periscope  – Still the best way to reach your Twitter audience, also now available on Apple TV and you can download the video afterwards.
  • Blab – This also targets your Twitter audience and is great for conversations and interviews – The video can also be downloaded.
  • Google Hangouts – Still our favourite because of the video and sound quality – a great way to have client meetings and reach a global audience based on your interests. You can also embed broadcasts into your website.

What we have learned is that you cannot expect each audience to follow you to the platform you might prefer.  It might seem more simple for you to concentrate on one platform and tell everyone to watch from there, but from our experience people don’t do that.  If you do want to point people to one location then I would recommend your website which is where you want most people to go eventually.

What you need to do is think creatively, so you can do this by broadcasting on Facebook, having a discussion on Blab afterwards or inviting others to a private hangout.  The elephant in the room is YouTube which is still the 2nd largest search engine on Earth and is owned by Google.  Your Youtube channel should be where you try and collate all your video content as video is appearing more and more in search results.

All this sounds like a lot more work, it is, and you also need to think about branding and editing.  If you need any help with video marketing or have questions about equipment or set up or post production please get in touch.

Email contact.us@geniusloci.co.uk

Phil Aston

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Video Marketing For Tourism

Video Marketing gives you the chance to sell the sizzle first and then the steak. 1.5 mins of video is far more powerful than 1,500 words on a blog.

Be aware that many people are accessing your content on a smart phone and it is easier to press play than read.
You can film on your iPhone (like I did here) and show off your location and then upload to social media and your website. I would recommend that you upload separately to Facebook so you can take advantage of the auto play feature. You can also edit the the clip in Twitter to do the same on that platform.

If you would like any help with branding or editing please get in touch

Thanks, Phil

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Why Your Blog Should Be at The Heart of Your Online Marketing Strategy

It is very tempting to simply tweet or post on Facebook and think you have done your bit for the day.
However, your posts will quickly disappear amongst everyone else’s posts and this kind of posting is a bit like ‘digital’ busking.  Unless someone is looking as you post, they will most likely miss it.
For you also, those wise words you quickly assembled for twitter will be hard to find after a few days.

To ensure your content is easy to find and builds a coherent story, always post to your blog first and then share on social media.

NB: This video was inspired by a twitter chat where I posted a top 10 of twitter tips (all separately) .  The problem was when I went back a month later to find them  it proved almost impossible.


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Hands Across The Ocean Show : Video Marketing

The Video Marketing Edition September 3rd 2015

With the arrival of Blab everyone is going Blab crazy! But what about the other newbie, Periscope, and of course Hangouts On Air, and more importantly what about your fans and followers?